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100 Year Story

Steinberg & Mahn Ltd. still keeps Timmins men looking sharp.

Darren Taylor represents the fourth generation of the family running Steinberg and Mahn, a store that has served Timmins for a century and is in the midst of celebrating its 100th anniversary.

“Max Steinberg was my great grandfather,” Taylor said. “My great grandfather came to Timmins and started the store. At the time it was known as M. Steinberg and Company. A lot of our ancestors came here at that time because of opportunity.

“A short time later, his good friend Joe Mahn came from Montreal. That’s when Steinberg & Mahn was formulated.”

He continued to explain the family history with the store.

“Then my grandfather Eli, he followed and took over the store as well,” he said. “Then my parents (Don and Anne Taylor) took over the store in 1972. I moved back 23 years ago to get involved in the business.

“My father, Don, is retired and I have the store. So, we’re four generations.

“Mom’s maiden name is Steinberg, that’s the connection. My mom’s grandfather, Max Steinberg, and then her father, Eli Steinberg, then mom and dad, Don and Anne Taylor.”

Right from the start, the store was a perfect fit for Timmins.